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based extraction

SenseLoaf's intelligent resume parsing enables to extract resume data easily, efficiently, and accurately. It works with all document formats including images

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Most Accurate Resume Parser of AI Era

We deliver pinpoint accuracy and fine performance compare to any other parsers !
GPU Processing

GPU enables fastest speed for running large deeptech models and processing multiple models in parallel.

70+ Fields Extracted

Develop a robust search system for candidates, covering experience, education, skills, and personal details

Any Doc Parsing

Efficiently parse diverse resume formats (PDF, Word, JPG, PNG, etc.), capturing all valuable candidate information

Generate information

Generate customized information  to meet the unique needs and requirements of users and help in optimize the recruitment process

99.99% uptime

Robust infrastructure deployed to keep services up and running all the time, and auto scales as per demand

Secured APIs

All data in transit and at rest is encrypted using industry-standard protocols such as HTTPS, AES and SSL/TLS for in transit

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BuiLT for Scale & ACCuracy

Scale & Streamline Talent
Workflows Across

Job Boards

Benefit from one-click apply features and increased application rates by simplifying the application process and displaying relevant candidate information automatically


Create detailed candidate profiles, enhances qualification accuracy, personalize talent communication, and efficiently manage talent pools for quick access to potential hires.


Parsing for HCM streamlines onboarding, ensures accurate employee data management, supports compliance, and enhances reporting for efficient HR operations.

Recruiting Teams

Parsing aids recruiting and HR teams by automating data entry, enhancing candidate qualification and engagement, improving overall recruitment efficiency and accuracy.

Staffing Agencies

Enhances staffing agencies' efficiency by automating data entry, improving candidate search and match, building candidate database, and offering detailed client reports.

EdTech Platforms

Resume parsing helps EdTech platforms by creating detailed student profiles, tracking alumni progress, and matching job opportunities efficiently.

All within the comfort of your recruiting system

Create a unique experience of workflow automation and sync conversations, candidate information, stages within your ATS or HRIS

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“The Document Parsing feature has greatly increased efficiency for our customers to create talent into our platform. It saves enormous time to feed accurate information. Highly recommend it ! “

Kumar Mayank,
CEO, Zimyo

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