Most powerful and dynamic TALENT MATCHING ENGINE

Combined with advanced language processing, skills engine and neural models, match candidates on parameters like relevant experience, adaptable skills, growth attributes with deep explainability behind every match.

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Simplify Talent screening and find right candidates faster

Automatically screen all active applicants based on skills, experience, assessments, and convert all Talent data into quantifiable scores and analytics

Custom scorecard and insights

Talent scores and analytics are normalized into how you prefer to view scorecards--from grades, absolute scores, and tags to suit your recruitment team preference, with explainable insights for every single match

Smart automation to increase efficiency

Always view your talent pool with grading & stack ranking.

Experience seamless Talent matching within your recruiting system as we dynamically grade and stack rank talent pipelines. Get a macroscopic view of top talent and ensure that recruiting team is perfectly aligned with the exceptional candidates

Talent Insights that gives a complete view of potential & growth

Get understanding behind every match with a 360 view of candidate potential, adaptability etc.

See What skills are missing, the adaptability and transferable potential for every candidate.

Understand strength areas, leading to better alignment with jobs

Calibrate the AI matching engine to match your needs

Define weightages, and choose what factors are important for your organization, for every job. 

Use data to build predictive models, and assign customized importance to parameters as needed.

All within the comfort of your recruiting system

Create a unique experience of workflow automation and sync conversations, candidate information, stages within your ATS or HRIS

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Ethical AI for Recruiting

We make sure that we meet all compliance, regulatory requirements, so you don't have to worry about it

Bias Free
No PII used in training data, models trained on global jobs dataset in different industries chosen using advanced sampling techniques.
Validated Models
Proprietary test framework to test for bias in results Checks for false negatives and hallucinations
AI Governance
Never involved in decision making. Not trained on patterns of success. Keeping equitable approach to actions.
Transparent AI
Provides explanations and interpretations. Measures overlapping, related, and missing parameters.

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