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Build and manage relationships with every candidate interested to work or applying to jobs at your company. 

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Millions of
Candidates Engaged

Leverage the power of Document AI, NLP, Generative AI all in one Conversational Assistant enabling natural conversations and simplifying process across applications and devices all the time.

Supercharged and Efficient Process

Take the Next STEP in Personalizing and scaling candidate experience combined with intelligent automation to
transform your hiring process

Better talent experience
Drop in avg cost every hire
Faster Time-To-Interview
Reductions in repetitive Tasks

Engage all active
applicants instantly

Pre Screening

Design custom experience and question formats for multi-select, single select, and open text information.


Auto-generate job specific questions to evaluate the skills and knowledge.

Personalized interview

Evaluate on personalized questions generated based on past work experience.

Smart Bi-directional Conversations

Enable talent to ask their queries anytime. Recommend jobs, explain perks and benefits, hiring process, leave policies etc. Provide natural interaction experience using Generative AI.

Automated interview scheduling

Reduce applicant drop off and no showsSave precious time spent scheduling and re-scheduling

Calibrate AI using custom weights

Set custom scores for each questionnaire

Define custom weightage for final evaluation on skills, experience, job roles, pre-screening etc.

All within the comfort of your recruiting system

Create a unique experience of workflow automation and sync conversations, candidate information, stages within your ATS or HRIS

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“We received 18,000+ applications for one job requisition - With customized chat assistant pre-screening, AI matching and personalized assessments, the system helped hire top candidates meeting all requirements, and we onboarded 40 candidates in just 15 days! “

Sara Benincasa

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