AI powered platform to help scale any volume recruiting while keeping talent and recruiters experience smooth and amazing

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Take HIRING PRODUCTIVITY to the next level

Accelerate Process

Engage 100% of your talent pipeline in parallel,  screen and engage all the time

Personalize Experience

Intuitive and customizable experience for future employees at your company

Insightful Decisions

Strategic insights on candidate skills, experience, conversations

End to End Automation

Our innovative platform framework of: Consolidate, Configure, Automate, and Control ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and seamless experience tailored to the needs of recruiting teams and candidates

A comprehensive guide on Recruiting Automation  >>

Boost productivity with Intelligence

Senseloaf’s matching AI evaluates  every single applicant progressively and rank them in your ATS to easily engage with top candidates.

Tune parameters weightage to meet your pre-screening goals and add objectivity to pipeline view. 

Get detailed insights & explainability behind every single candidate for better decision making.

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Hyper-personalize talent engagement & fill roles faster 

Instantly connect every single talent and pre-screen at scale, saving weeks of manual efforts.

Personalize candidate engagement for every role and stages.

It’s Bi-directional engagement with Smart FAQs, Job Recommendations.

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Faster Talent Discovery with AI

Re-engage existing talent pool for new jobs. Run
outreach campaigns to get interest and updated information.

Elevate re-deployment experience for talent whose contracts are coming to end.

Generate top talents pipeline instantly for new jobs from your talent database.

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For Candidates

Navigates faster through the process with personalized experience

For Recruiting Teams

Becoming productive using automation for repetitive tasks and building connects faster

TA Leaders

Saving money and time scaling recruiting, while enabling best experiences for all with AI

All within the comfort of your recruiting system

Create a unique experience of workflow automation and sync conversations, candidate information, stages within your ATS or HRIS

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Recruiting Automation with
NLP, Vision, and Generative AI

Generate accurate information by processing modalities like text, image, audio all together
Ethical AI
Deploy bias free and validated State-of-the art models built around strong governance framework
Facilitate automation and engagement in 60+ languages across different regions

“We received 18,000+ applications for one job requisition - With customized chat assistant pre-screening, AI matching and personalized assessments, the system helped hire top candidates meeting all requirements, and we onboarded 40 candidates in just 15 days! “

Sara Benincasa

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